Eclipse Observing in Madras Oregon

Join Us In Madras Oregon on Eclipse Day!

By Marc Nussbaum

Anyone who would like to join our informal group while we watch the eclipse together is welcome to come hang with Sherri and me in Madras, Oregon on eclipse day.  We will be there in the evening on Sunday 8/20 and all day on eclipse day, Monday 8/21. The site is sponsored by Lowell Observatory based in Flagstaff Arizona.  Lowell has booked the entire Madras High School Football field and Rick Hull and I have arranged a portion of the field as a gathering and observing site.  Lowell is charging a nominal fee for access to the field and I highly recommend you purchase tickets well in advance through the Lowell website below.  I assume there will be an additional fee for parking.  Also, be prepared by expecting vendors (food, etc.) to take only cash as Internet and wireless reception may be limited.

The Lowell program starts on Sunday 8/20 and continues through the end of the day on eclipse day, Monday 8/21.  There will be:

  • Food vendors the day of the eclipse
  • Lectures on Sunday and Monday at the adjacent Madras Performing Arts Center
  • Night sky viewing through telescopes on Sunday evening
  • Guidance during viewing of the eclipse



Lowell site for Madras High School Football field tickets on eclipse day. Children under 4 years old do not need tickets:

There are two main roads to Madras coming from the south or north (US 97 and US 26), however the most used route will be US 97 as it runs directly from Bend Oregon to Madras.  The local police and sheriff’s office is planning on doing their best to keep the road open, however to be safe, I recommend you leave very early on eclipse day and plan to hang out at the football field all morning waiting for the eclipse to start.  It is difficult for me to recommend a time for you to hit the road.  I can tell you this:  I will be staying in Redmond Oregon, about 26 miles south of Madras (normally a 40 minute drive).  At this point, we are talking about starting the drive to Madras sometime between 2:00 AM and 4:00AM.  Bring a thermos of coffee for yourself and find us by looking for the “ORANGE COUNTY EXPEDITION” banner with a picture of the cover of my book.  By the way, the Madras High School Football field is less than 1 mile east of US97 from the center of town.  See the maps on this page.